Favorite Spots in STL: Urban Chestnut Brewery

In my first 6 months in St. Louis, I've learned there are a ton of cool sights to see. One of these spots is Urban Chestnut Brewery. Coming from Chicago, where Goose Island beers reign, I was excited to learn about the local craft brewers in the St. Louis area...after all, St. Louis is quite the beer capital (Hey there, Anheuser-Busch!).


Both times I've visited Urban Chestnut have been at their Midtown location for two different events: Oktoberfest and Craftoberfest. Their biergarten is absolutely gorgeous. The swooping lights and the benched tables are the perfect place to gather for a nice cold beer. 

My favorite part about both of the events I attended, was that they each brought so many locals together. Being new, it's hard to meet other locals, and these events made it so easy to mingle and meet new people! 

Favorite Beers

While I usually find myself sipping a glass of wine at a happy hour, I do have a love for craft beer. Here are my top Urban Chestnut picks:

  1. Schnickelfritz
  2. Oktoberfest (Seasonal!)
  3. Zwickel
  4. Moon Monkey (Brewed with ginger!)

You can't go wrong with the rest of their choices, but I highly recommend these four! My favorite time of year to drink beer is the fall and winter since it's a little heavier. So, what better way to chime in the fall season with cozy sweaters, craft beer, and a beautiful scenery? Count me in!!


I highly recommend you all try out this awesome brewery, even if it's just to grab a bite to eat or take a picture for the 'gram. I know I can't wait until I get to go back!

Stamped on 10/13/2017 by The Letter Bea