My 2018 Goals

As I look back on 2017, it's crazy to believe how much time has flown by. I started off the year in Chile visiting my family, graduated college in May, moved to St. Louis, MO, started a new job, and experienced happy and sad moments. It was by far one of the craziest years of my life. Now that I've settled into my next chapter, I'm excited to see what's in store for 2018. Here are a few of my goals/wishes for the new year!

1. get fit

Every year, it feels like every single person you know says this. This year, my goal of getting fit is about more than just hitting the gym. Now that I'm working full-time and juggling a million different tasks, I want to feel my best! So, in 2018, I'm going to strive to do just that.

2 . a1c below 7%

For all the Type 1 Diabetics out there, you can understand. After college, I've been sitting in the 7.0% range, but have struggled to have a more stable management. I want to try my very best to get my A1C below 7%! Even if it's 6.9%, that's a win for me.

3. less stress

Again, another cliche new year goal is to have less stress. After graduating from college, I realized that life doesn't need to be that stressful. If I continue to worry about all the little things, I'll miss out on living in the moment and enjoying what I have right in front of me. My motto for 2018? Shake it off.

4. grow my blog

The Letter Bea has been such a fun way to meet people in STL and to connect with the Type 1 Diabetes community, worldwide. I have so much fun sharing my every day style, my good days, bad days, and tips & tricks with you all. I hope to grow my following and increase the quality of my content for you all in 2018! Comment below with what topics you want me to cover.

5. spend more time with family

With family all over the world (NYC, Raleigh, Chile, etc.) it can be hard to find time to be all together. I want to invest more in travel to see my family and continue to create great memories. Especially now that we have a new family pup, Lucy! So look out family, I'm coming for ya. 

6. focus on myself

Between being in a long term relationship and working full-time, it can be hard to find time for me. Blogging has been a fun way for me to connect with my passions, but I want to stretch my personal time a little more. So cheers to more bubble baths, long walks, reading books, and binge watching Netflix. 

7. grow professionally

For as long as I can remember, I've always been a dreamer. From wanting to win American Idol when I was 9 to doing all I could to land my first job at 21, reaching the next step in my career is so important to me. This year, I want to focus on my professional growth and set ambitious, but realistic, goals for myself in my full-time job.

8. focus on my relationship

Being in a long term relationship can be tricky sometimes. I live with my boyfriend, so it's easy to take life together for granted sometimes, especially when Matt is traveling or when we're both preoccupied with every day challenges. This year, I want to go back to monthly dates and the 'honeymoon stage' on occasion. Who's got date ideas?

9. pray more often

In college, I didn't have a lot of time to focus on my faith. This year, I want to reconnect with the Lord and pray more often. How am I feeling? What are the challenges I'm facing? Where and when do I need strength? Focusing on my faith, will also help me engage more with myself and my heart. 

10. be spontaneous

Any body else out there a planner? While sometimes it's hard to admit, I am definitely one of those people. This year, I want to take a chill pill and live life as it comes. This doesn't necessarily mean living a boring life. I want to take risks and say 'yes' to new opportunities as they come my way. Why? Life is to short to say 'no' to everything. 

What are your goals for 2018? I want to know! Comment below.

Stamped on 12/30/2017 by The Letter Bea