Stitch Fix Review

Do you ever have the urge to shop, but don't quite know what to look for? A clothing subscription might be your answer. After months of being on the same boat, I finally decided to try one! I was very reluctant at first, but a few of my friends convinced me after sharing their great experiences with Stitch Fix.

What's Stitch Fix?

So...what is Stitch Fix? I'll keep it simple: Stitch Fix is an online clothing subscription that sends you 5 fashion pieces a month (or however often you want) and you decide what you want to keep. You begin by taking a style quiz that gets sent to the personal stylist who will create your box. It's perfect for the modern woman (or man!) who lives a busy lifestyle with little time to head to the mall. Plus, you also have a little surprise to look forward to every month!

My First Fix

With much anticipation, I ordered my first fix. When you order your fix, you have the option to choose a theme for your box. In the spirit of back to school, I chose the seasonal refresh box. I was so pleased when I opened my box! I loved how all the colors went together to easily make an outfit. There was also a perfect balance of casual and trendy clothing! 

Items included in my box:

  1. METRO WEAR Kindra Pleated Knit Skirt $38

  2. LILA RYAN Zuri Skinny Pant $88

  3. Q&A Jannesa Popover Top $58

  4. PAPERMOON Anica 3/4 Sleeve Knit Top $48

  5. ECHO Neera Silk Skinny Scarf $39

What Did I Choose?

My favorite pieces hands down were the ECHO Neera Silk Skinny Scarf and the Q&A Janessa Popover Top (see picture below!). These are perfect pieces for the fall and can be worn together! I paired them with my favorite pair of AG Jeans for a weekend autumn look. 

While these were my two favorites, I decided to only keep the ECHO scarf. The Q&A Top was just a little too big on my shoulders. The best part about ordering through Stitch Fix is that the $20 fee for your Fix goes towards anything you buy in your box! (Plus, you get 25% when you purchase all 5 items!)

All in all, I highly recommend trying out Stitch Fix. I can't wait to receive my next Fix!

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Stamped on 8/28/2017 by The Letter Bea