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Accomplishing your goals and reaching for the stars takes a lot of work. Between blogging and working full-time, I was done feeling tired, drained, and sleep-deprived and needed a change.

While I've always been a skeptic on how well supplements work for your body, I finally found the perfect option! Meet HUM Nutrition, an all-natural line of supplements, powders and gummies that are sustainably sourced, made in the USA, non-GMO and free of soy, gluten, artificial colors, and preservatives. Even better, many products are organic and vegan!

The best part about HUM, is that all of their supplements go so well with your daily routine. Their mission is to turn the beauty routine inside out and have inner-health as the starting point of every self-care routine. Today we'll be talking about my personal favorite...the Big Chill.

the big chill

Stress. It's never a good feeling to have, especially when you're getting ready for that big presentation at work, in front of your boss, and all of his/her superiors (ya get my point?). I decided to try the Big Chill because, as the bottle says, it promotes calmness, increases focus, and helps you naturally cope with stress. I also laughed at the name because, let's be real, how many times has someone told you to just chill

I love this supplement because it only has one ingredient: Rhodiola Rosea (a calming root extract found high up in the chilly mountains of Europe and Asia). The single ingredient is clinically proven to naturally help your body adapt to stress and ease anxiety. The magic result? You stay calm, cool, collected (and beautiful!) when you are in full #girlboss mode. 


hum + daily life

As I mentioned before, one of my favorite parts about HUM is that their products integrate perfectly with your daily lifestyle routine. The Big Chill should be consumed once a day with food, so I'll usually take it with breakfast...start off my day cool as a cucumber, right?! Taking the supplement has also made me think about what else I should be doing to enhance my results. I've been more focused on water consumption and more proactive about finding time to unwind. Candles, lavender, and my favorite Swell bottle help me do just that! 

Between working full-time and blogging, it's important that I feel good and am always ready to perform. To be honest, this entire experience has made me feel alive, confident and ambitious. I'm excited to try more HUM products in the future! 

which one is for me?

By now you're probably wondering, "where can I get some of these!?" Luckily, HUM makes it easy to find your perfect fit.

HUM provides personalized product recommendations from their team of Registered Dietitians (RD), based on your concerns, via a quick 3-minute evaluation

Take it from me and get vitamins and supplements for your beauty goals, backed by clinical results, designed to get you looking your very best and shipped to you each month! HUM’s monthly memberships are affordable, convenient, customizable and committed to results. Plus, HUM membership options are an essential and convenient step in helping you look and feel your very best! Who doesn't want that?

Thanks to HUM Nutrition and The Newsette, I'm excited to offer you 20% off your first HUM order! Just use the code: NEWSETTE

Have you ever tried HUM products? Also, have you signed up for The Newsette? I want to know!

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