Top 10 Travel Destinations

1. Tokyo, Japan

Fun fact: I lived in this beautiful city for 6 years! Tokyo has so much to offer. It's the perfect mix of tradition and city lights. Each neighborhood has their unique differences, but all together, they make for an amazing experience. When you visit, be sure to go shopping in Harajuku/Omete-sando, visit Roppongi Hills, snap a picture at the Tokyo Tower (+ Sky Tree), go on the Indiana Jones ride at Tokyo Disneyland...and, of course, eat some sensational sushi.

2. Santiago, Chile

Another fun fact: this gorgeous city is home to my family! That's right, this girl has got some Chilean roots and she ain't hiding it (insert salsa dancing girl emoji). I may have some bias, but Chile is the most beautiful country. It's the only country in the world that has every climate from desert to Antartica. It's also home to the famous Easter Island! Santiago is a must-see, and my other favorite cities are Reñaca, Viña del Mar, Pucón, and Atacama. What is required on this trip? A pisco sour, of course.

3. Phuket, Thailand

I had the pleasure of visiting Phuket back in 2010 (time flies!). This beach destination is a resort must. The views are absolutely spectacular, and I highly recommend a boat ride to the Phi Phi Islands. Truly a sight to see!

4. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Another fun fact (I'm on a roll today): I went snorkeling in the GBF and saw a sea turtle, which is super uncommon! This reef is full of clear water seas, beautiful sea creatures and a glorious sun. I would name one this trip one of my coolest experiences. 


5. Charleston, SC

Last month, I finally checked Charleston off of my bucket list! What a pretty city. Its historic and southern charm reeled me in. If you're an influencer, a photograph lover, or just crave a warm, vibrant aesthetic - Charleston is the city for you! We stayed at The Vendue, which was an incredible experience in itself. The colorful buildings and sweet as pie people will make you feel right at home. Favorite place to grab food? Hank's Seafood (and Carmella's for dessert/coffee!).

6. Seattle, WA

Another place I got to live in! (Can ya tell I've been everywhere?!) Seattle is famous for its world-class headquarters of companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Nordstrom. It's also stereotypically known for its grey skies. Summer in Seattle, however, is quite the opposite! Enjoy the sunny weather while shopping at Pike Place Market. There are a lot of quaint shops and down-to-earth experiences to have. Wine lover? Venture out to Woodinville, WA to explore Seattle's wine district! So many amazing wineries, but Chateau Ste. Michelle is my favorite! Their concert series is a super fun time and this summer you can catch shows for  Sheryl Crow, Chris Isaak, and John Fogerty...just to name a few.

7. Barcelona, Spain

Cheetah Girls, anyone? In all seriousness, Barcelona is an incredible city. My favorite experiences here were visiting Park Güell, the Sagrada Familia, and seeing a flamenco show! Oh, and tapas, can't forget the tapas! If you're looking for a romantic, chic, and fun city - Barcelona is for you!

8. Chicago, IL

Chicago is where I've gotten to call home several times in my life. It's also the city where I met the love of my life (thanks, Chi-Town!). The Windy City is my favorite U.S. city for a few reasons. First, it's not as crowded as NYC, so you have space to enjoy walking along Michigan Ave. while you shop your heart away. Second, despite the cold winters, summertime-Chi is a wonder. Enjoy a walk along the newly improved Navy Pier and breathe in the beautiful Lake Michigan waters. Local tip: when you're in town, have dinner in Lincoln Park at Summer House Santa Monica and stay in the Loop at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel...these experiences will not disappoint!

9. Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

Who here is a sloth fan? Costa Rica is definitely on your bucket list, then. A few years back, my entire family (all 20 of us) did a reunion trip to this beautiful peninsula. The Pura Vida lifestyle is one of warmth, relaxation, and amazing memories. The best part about this trip is that you can make it romantic, family fun, or a personal getaway. 

10. Kauai, Hawaii

Last but not least, the beautiful Kauai! It's a close tie between Kauai and Maui for me, but Kauai takes the win as my favorite Hawaiian island. My favorite place to stay here is the Grand Hyatt Kauai - they have an incredible resort! This vacation might be my favorite because it is a place of pure relaxation. The island sun, the waves crashing along the shore, and (insert you) drinking a fresh piña colada with a strawberry salad...can you tell I've been trying to convince Matthew to go with me? 

What's your favorite travel destination? Tell me in the comments!

Stamped on 4/10/2018 by The Letter Bea