Why It's Important To Support Other Bloggers

Blogging would not be possible without support. There is so much that goes into blogging that it can be hard to keep up with what's new in the industry. Ever since I joined STL Bloggers, I've learned so much about capturing content, creating your brand, and how to grow your business. To top it off, I've made an entire new group of girlfriends that I can count on.

Here are a few reasons why it's so important to support other bloggers.

1. you learn...a lot

As I mentioned before, blogging is all about learning the newest tricks on Instagram, how to write highly engaged blog posts, where to take high quality photos, and more. Everyone has a different approach to growing and building their blog, so it's very possible that a few of their tricks will help you out!

2 . you have people who understand

Ever been at a cafe and you were too embarrassed to take that much wanted Instagram picture? As silly as it sounds, it makes a big difference when you meet other influencers who struggle with the same minuscule issues. Better yet, when you go to events together, you never have to be nervous about asking someone for that coveted picture!

3. you make life long friends

In the midst of connecting, you end up making life long friends. If you're someone like me who moved to a brand new city and started a blog, making friends can sound like a daunting task. Meeting fellow influencers who you can relate and learn from and who are amazing people, you have a recipe for fun and success. Next time you attend a brand event, you will definitely not be alone! Also, don't be surprised when impromptu happy hours start happening after every event. 

4. network, network, network

All of your fellow #girlbosses are doing amazing things. Ask them about their experiences working with brands. Before you know it, you could have the PR contact for one of your favorite companies. Embrace the opportunity to connect and grow your influencer network with some of your new best friends. Plus, you'll land all of the inside scoop!

5. collaboration over competition

Sadly, there are some people in the world who remain very competitive in the influencer industry. Collaboration will take you much farther than competition ever will. Go out and take photos together, participate in guest features on each other channels, or even collaborate for a giveaway. This will not only help increase your exposure, but will help show your followers what you're all about.

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6. the golden rule

"Do to others what you want them to do to you." It all comes down to this. Just as you would want someone to follow your blog and support you, you should do the same for them. It's not easy to build your brand, but if you are an active and fair participant in the influencer space, it will come back to thank you. Let's continue to support each other and show the industry what the influencer community is all about!

Who are some your favorite influencers? Let me know in the comments!

Stamped on June 4, 2018 by The Letter Bea