Create & Cultivate Chicago Recap

It's hard to believe that less than a week ago I attended the best conference EVER. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Create & Cultivate, here's a quick little background.

The millennial, #girlboss inspired company provides resources, both online and offline, for women looking to achieve their professional and personal dreams. I first discovered them via Instagram (you need to follow them ASAP). Their entire feed is not only absolutely gorgeous, but so motivating! It showed me that there is a whole world of women who are ambitious, prosperous and excited about achieving their dreams. When they announced their Chicago conference, you bet I signed right up.

pre-conference: tickets, schedule, what to bring

Tickets: For this conference, you could choose between VIP* ($575) and General Admission ($300). I decided to do VIP for a few reasons:

  1. Exclusive Networking

  2. I didn't want to make the trip to Chicago just to wish I had spent the extra money on VIP. #AllIn

  3. Choice of mentor and track: This was huge! I got to hand select the track I followed for the day and choose which mentors I got to meet with face-to-face.

*With VIP, you also received a free, signed copy of WorkParty, a swag bag with over $500 of goodies, access to a VIP networking area sponsored by WeWork, all-day open bar, and complimentary hair and beauty stylists. 

Schedule: The conference offered two tracks:

  • Track 1 was geared toward entrepreneurs, negotiating, and monetizing

  • Track 2 was geared more toward building your brand, content creation, and digital tools

I chose Track 2 since I wanted to learn more about how to build my brand as The Letter Bea and understand what type of content I needed to focus on. This track helped me answer questions like "What makes me unique?", "What is my niche?" and "Where are the gaps in my brand?".

After the track specific sessions ended, all attendees had the opportunity to listen from three major keynote speakers: Shay Mitchell, Alli Webb, and Jennifer Hudson (mic drop).

My conference kit! This included everything I needed for the conference (badge, Vans sunnies, track information, mentor information, and more!)

My conference kit! This included everything I needed for the conference (badge, Vans sunnies, track information, mentor information, and more!)

the conference

The long awaited day! Rather than walking you through the entire day, I'll give some key takeaways and insights. 

key takeaway: it's worth the investment

Deciding to go to the conference was a big financial decision for every one that I asked. Coming from a girl who rarely even treats herself to a $20 manicure, you can best be sure I was a little nervous about making a big commitment like this! Confidently, I can tell you that this conference is worth every single penny, and so much more

I have attended other big marketing and e-commerce conferences in the past and none of them compare to Create & Cultivate. I walked away with so much knowledge, inspiration, content and connections. I felt empowered to focus on my side hustle and was equipped with all the resources and tools to succeed. I made friends and mentors who understand what it's like to balance full time work with your dream side hustle. Plus, the countless opportunities to capture content at all of the beautifully curated booths and Instagram perfection set ups made the experience that much better! 


wework happy hour

The night before the conference, Create & Cultivate hosted a happy hour in collaboration with WeWork. I was really excited about the happy hour because it allowed me to shake off the nerves and get a feel for what the conference would be like the next day. Plus, my blogger BFF, Kaitlin Claywell, and I even made a few fast friends!

#OOTD Details:

Dress is under $50 from ZARA

Shoes are Vince Camuto from Nordstrom (and come in a bunch of colors!)

I cannot wait to attend the next C&C Conference and hopefully I will see you there too!

Quick shoutout to my blogger BFF, Kaitlin Claywell, for joining me on this #CreateCultivateCHI adventure. She VLOGGED the entire weekend, day by day!

Be sure to head over to her YouTube Channel to see all the fun on video (and be sure to subscribe!)

In the meantime, watch Kaitlin's take of our day at the conference below!

Create & Cultivate Chicago VLOGGED by Kaitlin Claywell

Stamped on 8/31/2018 by The Letter Bea