5 Daily Tips To Increase Happiness at Work

It’s no secret that we’ve all had a bad day at work once in our lives. Maybe it’s due to anxiety around a fast approaching deadline, a roadblock in your project, a slow day at the office, or a little bit of burnout. Either way, how we deal with our bad days becomes a testament to how successful our careers will be. Here are 5 daily tips to empower you to be happier and more fulfilled at work.

Tip #1: Eat Breakfast

A simple task, but a super important one. Every interview I read with successful women starts with a conversation about their daily routine. First thing on their list of to do’s? Breakfast. How we fuel our day plays a huge role into our performance. Start each day with a healthy breakfast (and a big cup of coffee) to boost your mood and energy.

Tip #2: Stay Organized

Organization is a safe haven when you feel like your world has turned into chaos. Make sure your email is de-cluttered and utilize an agenda to keep meetings and to do tasks top of mind. It’s amazing how much you can reduce stress at work by having a clear to-do list when you walk into the office. This also allows you to focus on daily tasks versus stressing over the bigger picture.

Tip #3: Avoid Gossip, Promote Positivity

This can be tough. You want to be friendly with your co-workers, but when negative topics enter the conversation you aren’t sure what to do. Whatever you do, do not cave into negativity! You have worked hard for your reputable status in the workplace and you don’t want to risk it. Try deflecting the negativity with some positive comments. If that doesn’t work and you still feel uncomfortable, simply let your co-worker know that you feel uncomfortable and would rather not be included in the conversation. That may sound daunting, but it will pay off in the future!

Another important time to be positive is when your team is facing a difficult task. Do not be a complainer! Pump up your team and provide positive encouragement. This will encourage your co-workers to get the job done, instead of dragging through it.

Tip #4: Schedule In Person Meetings

Sometimes it seems like all my meetings are done over video call these days. Since when did we start to lose human interaction in the workplace? When you have the opportunity, schedule in person meetings. Meeting face-to-face allows you to really interact with the other person and understand their thoughts and emotions around a certain topic. I’ve found my in person meetings to be far more successful and efficient. Especially if you work remote, take time to come to the main office to meet with co-workers.

Tip #5: Give Credit Where It’s Due

Recognition. This is a huge positivity booster that is so easy to do! Take time to say a simple thank you or a give a quick shout out acknowledging the hard work of your teammates. You spend over 40 hours at work (newsflash: that’s the majority of your week!) and you spend all of it with your team. Recognition is not only important in boosting moral but it shows the team that you are a team player. Spread the love, boost productivity, and have fun while doing it!

Fun tip: You can even make fun awards to give out to your team, acknowledging them for nice gestures they do like grabbing someone a cup of coffee or organizing a fun team lunch. Get creative!

What are your tips for promoting happiness in the workplace? Share them below!

Stamped on 9/13/2018 by The Letter Bea