Pinterest Strategies for Creatives and Bloggers

In a growing social media world, it's important that creatives and bloggers begin using social platforms other than Instagram. With constant algorithm changes on Instagram, time spent on the platform doesn't feel like valuable ROI. Can anyone else relate?

This Summer, I decided to diversify my social platform by focusing on Pinterest...and it was the best decision I could have made! I went from barely using the platform to reaching over 8,000 monthly viewers. Without further ado, Here are some tips for driving more traffic and growing your Pinterest.

What to Pin

I've had many readers message me asking, "I want to grow my Pinterest, but I have no idea what to pin!" The simple answer? Your Pinterest boards should be an extension of your blog.

At the Create & Cultivate Conference, I had the chance to learn some tips and tricks from the CEO of Pinterest. Here's the 101: Pinterest is used as a place to find inspiration. While this may not be world wide news, it's important to remember when curating your feed. Just as you are providing inspiration to your readers/followers, you are also ingesting inspiration.

First step before creating any boards: make sure you have your biography down to a tee! This is where your followers come to meet you, so let them know who you are and what you're all about.

Now to curate your collection of boards...

  1. Create boards for each of your interests. This could include fashion (by occasion, item type, and/or season), home, career, and more.

  2. Pin content that inspires you. Re-pin content from other accounts that inspire you. This allows your audience VIP access to see what's inspiring your work and style. In other words, a way to relate to you more!

  3. Blend in your own content. Blend in your content with your boards. Not only will this help you create a consistent theme within your board, but will help your content be received as 'organic' versus 'ad-like'.

  4. Interact with your follower's pins. Engagement is not a secret tactic. Maybe you create a co-authored board with your followers or re-pin content from your followers. Showing that you are well connected with your community goes a long way.

Driving Traffic to Pinterest

How do people find your boards? The fun of Pinterest is that you don't have to have a huge following to get a high amount of monthly views. If you have great content, it will continue to be spread across the platform. Aside from generating compelling content, there are a few key ways to push your readers/followers to your boards.

  1. Upgrade to a business account. Something I learned from the Create & Cultivate Conference: when you upgrade your Pinterest account to a business account, it lets the platform know that you want your content to be promoted. This is a huge play in your favor! You will also get full access to Pinterest analytics so you can see what content is performing best.

  2. Rafflecopter giveaways. I will team up with other bloggers to host a giveaway on our posts where individuals are encouraged to take different actions to increase entries. An action could be following The Letter Bea on Instagram or LIKEtoKNOW.IT or Pinterest (and so on). The reason I love these giveaways is because they allow the participants to choose what and who they want to follow. It's a much more organic process and is great exposure to your account!

  3. Make your blog photos 'pinnable'. With most platforms (like Squarespace), you have the option to make your photos 'pinnable'. If you hover over the photo below, you'll see a Pinterest icon on the upper left hand corner. Click it and you can add the photo straight to one of your boards! This is an easy way for your followers to engage and promote your content.

Driving Traffic To Your Blog and Other Channels

By using the tips above, you will organically increase traffic to your blog and other channels you choose to link! Using Pinterest Analytics, you can see how many clicks and impressions your pins get. Study these results. Do you get more clicks on photos that are linked to your Instagram or Blog? Do flatlays get more impressions than a portrait shot? Pay attention to how your content is performing and use that information to direct traffic to your desired channel.

Monitor your traffic and following over the course of a few months and I promise you will see improvement! Growth doesn't happen overnight, but with these tips you will be equipped to contribute to your goal on a daily basis.

I hope that gives you a great start you dive into your Pinterest adventures! Did I miss any great tips? Comment below with your Pinterest strategy!

Stamped on 9/7/2018 by The Letter Bea